Open and transparent communication

We believe in clear communication and will always provide an honest analysis. Our independent status as a lawyer is a critical factor in the way we operate,   and   our way of guaranteeing that you will be given the best possible advice. We therefore never flinch from telling the truth,  but not without offering a solution.


We aim to maintain a low threshold and be easily accessible, also outside of conventional business hours. We prefer to work on a first-name basis. Additionally, we guarantee that you will always receive an answer from us, regardless of the communication media you have chosen, within 24 hours.


To ensure transparency and manageability of our clients' costs, Ardis makes use of a credit system. Apart from this, we are convinced that our specialist approach and proactive support are certainly worth their price. 


The legal staff at Ardis are specialised in labour law and commercial agreements. We attach great importance to staying abreast of all developments in the legal field. This  is demonstrated by our thorough perusal of juristic literature and extensive discussions on topics related to legislature and case law at our regular expertise meetings. 

Proactive support

Being modern lawyers, we prefer our interpretation of the legal profession not to be considered analogous with conducting costly and time-consuming  legal procedures, but rather with the provision of efficient and targeted legal aid that unravels problems, offers solutions and avoids court proceedings.

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