Gert Van Boven Groffen

Specialisaties: Labour Law / Flexible employment relations / Employment contracts / Social Inspection / Commercial agency

Gert Van Boven studied Law (Catholic University of Leuven), Social and Cultural Anthropology (Catholic University of Leuven) and Social Law (Free University of Brussels). In 1993 he was employed as a lecturer in Tanzania and has been working as a lawyer specialising in labour and corporate law since 1994. Gert is specialised, above all, in all issues related to the increasing flexibility of today’s labour market in terms of working hours and the organisation of employment. He gained considerable expertise in this field through his experience in various branches of industry, such as the chemical, car assembly, shipbuilding and services sectors. He has numerous publications to his name on employment contract law and has lectured on social insurance law, social criminal law and international employment to HR supervisors in training. In addition to this, he focuses on cases dealing with commercial agency law (bank offices).

Gert gained his practical experience in the field of law at LVP-Law (formerly Lafili, Van Crombrugghe & Partners), where he was primarily involved in cases with an international dimension. He was a staff member and partner of Schoups Advocaten in Antwerp from 2003 to 2011.

Gert speaks French and English fluently and has an adequate command of the German and Spanish languages.

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